Athena Cue Shaft

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Athena Cue Shaft


Extra Shaft compatible with most all Athena Cues. Fits ATH01, ATH03, ATH04, ATH05, ATH07, ATH08, ATH09, ATH11, ATH13, ATH17, ATH18, ATH23, ATH24, ATH27, ATH31 and ATH32.

Tip: 12.5 mm proprietary boar skin tip
Ferrule: 1" Fiber linen ferrule
Shaft: Hard Rock Maple shaft with a 10" pro taper, piloted brass insert
Joint: Piloted stainless steel
Pin: 5/16 x 18
Rings: Black collar with a silver ring

Retail Price - $55.00

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Sale Price - $46.75