Cuetec R360 Pool Cue

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Cuetec R360 - 13-691

Tiger Everest 10 Layer Laminated Pigskin Tip, MSRP
$14.95, has been developed to hold chalk better, providing the ultimate cue ball control and consistency. The cues are exquisitely designed with computer cut veneer inlays of exotic hard woods and Abalone shell.

The ferrules on the R360 cues are made of the highest quality ABS material for the ultimate transfer of energy from shaft to the cue tip while helping to control vibration and cue ball deflection.

Cuetec's (patent pending) R360 15 1/2" pro tapered shaft construction and performance features:
  • The R360 is constructed with a tubular composite core surrounded by four computer cut "A Plus" grade Canadian maple sections to ensure an exact fit.
  • The R360 construction provides maximum radial consistency ensuring the most accurate cue ball response and control.
  • The composite core inside the shaft controls deflection, squirt, distortion and prevents warpage.
  • The 15 1/2" Pro Taper provides a long comfortable stroke.
The R360 Edge series cues have all of the features of the inlay series with Cuetec’s more traditional decal, stained or painted butts.

Polished stainless steel joint with matching butt cap.

Highest quality Irish linen wrap provides a comfortable grip and moisture absorption.

Cuetec's Acueweight system (patent pending) allows for a quick & easy weight adjustment and cue balance, 1/2 or 1 ounce increments provide you with the exact weight of your preference.

Retail Price - $250.00

Order Cuetec R360 - 13-691 - $200.00


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