McDermott Pool Cue

McDermott Pool Cue


McDermott Pool Cue - M8-5B

Shaft: McDermott G-Core Shaft

Exotic Spalted Maple on the forearm/sleeve

Genuine Black/Brown Irish Linen wrap

Box elder burl & green urethane dart frog inlays.

Spalted Dart Frog Cues manufactured through February , 2008 were Special Edition Cues. One inlaid "frog" on the sleeve will be different than the regular cue frog inlays, making this cue unique. Spalted Dart Frog Cues Manufactured after February 29, 2008 come standard with Genuine Irish Linen and have all the same inlays.  Click Here for Special Edition Spalted Frog

Tip Everest by Tiger
Ferrule Ivorine III
Shaft G-Core Shaft
Collar Impact Control Ring
Joint Wood to wood with black phenolic collar
Pin 3/8x10 stainless steel
Forearm Spalted Maple Forearm with elder burl and green urethane dart frog inlays
Sleeve Spalted Maple Forearm with elder burl and green urethane dart frog inlays
Wrap Irish Linen: Black/Brown
Bumper Soft Durometer Polymer Composite
Butt Construction Tri-Core (3 piece)
Weight 18 oz to 21 oz.
Warranty LIFETIME, including warpage - click here for details
Maintenance FREE Lifetime Maintenance - click here for details

List Price - $585.00


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McDermott Cue leads the way again in high performance shaft technology. Being on the leading edge of innovation has allowed McDermott Cue to be the preferred choice of billiard players worldwide.

The new G-Core Shaft Technology significantly stabilizes the shaft through the use of a three layered core positioned in the front impact area of the shaft. G-Core Technology increases shaft stability by 65%, promoting increased accuracy with enhanced radial consistency. The G-Core also utilizes our proprietary CT Tenon Technology: a carbon fiber ferrule core which results in greater strength, efficiency and precision.

Everest Tip by Tiger
This tip shapes like a hard tip, hits like a medium and has the control like a soft tip. This tip includes a red warning layer that alerts you when to replace your tip.

CT Technology
Carbon fiber extends through the shaft wood and into the ferrule with an additional damping device to reduce vibration. This results in a stronger ferrule assembly with maximum impact properties and enhanced feedback.

Triple Layer Design
The shaft features three distinct layers: wood, carbon fiber and wood, which reduces vibration and minimizes shaft distortion, thereby adding optimal control and accuracy.

10-GM70 (3/8x10 joint): $149
10-GQR0 (Quick Release): $179

Gcore Shaft

McDermott Pool Cues