Mezz - Air Drive Pool Cue

Mezz Cues Pool Cues
Mezz - Air Drive Pool Cue

Tip: 13.5mm Trans tip
Ferrule: LBM ferrule
Shaft: 29" "Standard Stroke" Jump shot Airdrive L maple shaft. 13 1/2" "Dart Stroke" "Shaft to shaft" Airdrive S shaft
Joint: Mezz Air drive joint
Pin: Mezz Air drive
Rings: None
Collar: Black collar
Forearm: High gloss black
Wrap: None
Sleeve: None
Plate: None
Bumper: None
Weight Adjustable: No
Additional Info: Unique 1 butt and 2 shafts construction

Retail Price - $360.00

Order Mezz - Air Drive - Sale Price $324.00


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