Mezz - Power Break 2                                           Pool Cue

Mezz Cues Pool Cues
Mezz - Power Break 2 Pool Cue

Tip: A 12.8mm paper fiber tip plate with a sonic tip
Ferrule: bakelite ferrule
Shaft: New Deep Impact® break shaft
Joint: Miki’s united Joint
Pin: 5/16x14 semi quick release
Forearm: laminated Rosewood with a phenolic resin
Ring: Thin nickel silver
Collar: Black proprietary high impact plastic
Wrap: Laminated Black high impact plastic
Sleeve: laminated Rosewood impregnated with a phenolic resin
Plate: Black Proprietary plastic 25” butt, 4” shorter then your average butt
Bumper: Black x-rubber rubber with Interchangeable weight bolt system

Retail Price - $520.00

Order Mezz - Power Break 2 - Sale Price $468.00


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