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Predator BK2 Break Cue - No Wrap


It all adds up to BK2

We put more into the BK2, so that you can get more out of it.  Here are just some of the features you'll enjoy:

UNPARALLEDED SHAFT TECHNOLOGY: Reduces the cue's end mass and optimizes the reaction of the shaft at impact to compensate for off-center hits, producing straighter, stronger breaks.

REAR WEIGHTED: Moves the balance point further back to put more of the weight in your grip hand - yet light enough for maximum acceleration.

INCREASED DURABILITY: The four piece construction, along with the use of phenolic at the joint, increases the durability of the BK2.

MATTE FINISH: Goes from shaft to grip and allows for a long follow-through without burning your bridge hand.

STRONGER TAPER: Designed to maintain its shape under tremendous forces generated by the break and transfer more energy to the rack


SHAFT LENGTH - 29" Standard, 30" Available

SHAFT CONSTRUCTION - 10-Piece Predator Technology

BUTT CONSTRUCTION - 4-Piece, Rear Weighted

STANDARD TIP - Phenolic and carbon fiber

JOINT - Uni-Loc System

STANDARD WEIGHT - 19 oz, 18.5 - 20.5oz Available

WRAP - No Wrap or Irish Linen

MSRP - $359
BK2 Tip
Designed for maximum energy transfer and speed, our proprietary three-part BK2 tip technology is another significant advance that gives you increased power.  Our research and development discovered that the combination of a phenolic tip and a carbon fiber tip plate generates the fastest speed, helping you break with more power.  And with the BK2, you don't even have to adjust your break to generate better results.  How's that for a great tip?

BK2 Sweet Spot
A cue's pivot point is the optimal position on the shaft where you need to bridge.  The BK2 pivot point has been tuned between 13" and 14" to maximize both acceleration and forgiveness at the same time.  With a pivot point 2" longer than its next competitor, the result is greater speed, increased accuracy and a more powerful break.

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Unquestionably the most important shot in both 8 Ball and 9 Ball is the first one. Recognizing the importance of the break, Predator has designed and engineered a cue specifically for breaking. The additional power and accuracy generated by the Predator BK can be the difference between shooting again or sitting down.


More Accuracy

Predator’s patented technology reduces cue ball deflection on any shot, especially the critical break. The speed and power of the break magnify the effects of even a slight off center hit keeping precious energy from being transferred into the rack.


More Speed

The Predator BK tip and ferrule are designed to maximize the cue ball speed off the end of your shaft.


More Power

No matter how well you break now, the technology and innovations in the Predator BK will increase the power you transfer to the rack giving you a winning edge.



The UniLoc® Quick-release joint system insures a solid feel and accurate butt to shaft alignment.


12.75mm Hard Tip, 1/2 inch Ferrule, Strong Taper,  UniLoc Joint



Predator Uniloc Joint Protectors




2006 9-ball champion / Ranked NO.2** in the world and No 1* in Europe


"The Break is one of the most important shots in pool, so you need equipment you can rely on.  The Predator BK2 allows me to perform with incredible accuracy, power and speed. The special tip technology also makes it easy to play long distance jumps. The awesome combination of the tip, ferrule and shaft makes it the perfect break cue for me."


* WPA Rankings  ** EPBF Rankings


Jasmine Ouschan


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