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Predator 314 shafts
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C4 TechnologyWhen you experience patent-pending C4 technology in Predator's Blak and 5K series cues, you'll find out what the world's best pool players already know.  If you want to make straighter, more accurate shots and take your game to the next level, C4 is a game changer you can't ignore.  Four expertly crafted wedges fit snugly together, slipped into a sleeve of exotic wood and reinforced with phenolic.  From the sturdy feel you notice the second you get your hands on it, to the satisfying "thunk" when you make contact with the cue ball, everything about a C4 cue says this revolutionary technology is here to stay.

The four pieces that make up the core of C4 fit snugly together like perfect pie slices.  This eliminates the need for the treaded weight bolt that joins the forearm and handle of a typical cue, giving the cue a more solid feel that you'll notice the second you pick it up.

At the heart of the 5K and Black is our proprietary four-piece core.  Count on C4 technology to enhance the feel, stability, straightness and beauty of every shot you make!

C4 Technology

No matter how much we obsess over advanced technology, at Predator, beauty never takes a back seat.  Our four-piece cores are slipped into some of the most beautifully inlayed, exotic wood sleeves we've ever made - from the intricate detailing for the 5K series, to the sleek black and white designs of the Blak.

C4 Technology

The Uni-Loc pin is encased in a phenolic case, one of the most stable materials in the art of cue-making, providing you lifetime concentricity and eliminating wood movement.  So you can say good-bye to negative buzz and say hello to straight shots and greater accuracy.

C4 Technology

Joints aren't the only things that get better with phenolic.  We replaced wood with this sturdy, synthetic material wherever possible to drastically reduce instances of warping, raised rings and cracking to make sure these cues hold up for the long haul.  Which is good, because once you get hooked on a C4 cue, you'll never want to let it go.
C4 Technology
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