Scorpion - SNK01 - Snooker                                     Pool Cue

Scorpion Specialty Cues Pool Cues
Scorpion - SNK01 - Snooker Pool Cue

Construction: -wood core -fiberglass shield -transfer design -clear coating
Tip: 10mm Elk Master.
Ferrule: Brass,
Shaft: Ash with fiberglass power bonded to it. A European taper. The base has black and gold trim rings. The plastic insert in the shaft protects from outside conditions.
Joint: Steel collar with black and gold ring with a 3/8x14. The joint also has a plastic insert to protect from outside conditions.

Collar: collar with black and gold ring.
Forearm: Black
Wrap: None
Butt Sleeve: Black
Butt Cap: Stainless steel sealed to protect from outside conditions with bumper screwed in.

Retail Price - $175.00

Order Scorpion - SNK01 - Snooker - Sale Price $148.75


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