Sierra "Apache" Custom Pool Cue

The Apache pool cue from Sierra is a gorgeous example of what a gifted craftsman can create. These are produced in very limited quantities. The forearm is a light mahogany-stained birdseye maple. There are four spliced points of rosewood in the forearm, set off with three veneers: maple, cherry maple, and ebony. The wraps are double-pressed and waxed, giving them a leather-like look and feel, and are mahogany in color, matching the forearm woods beautifully.

The true craftsmanship of this Sierra Custom Cue lies in the detailed hand-inlays of the butt sleeve. There are four windows with the Apache's  signature design, each one comprised of fourteen separate pieces of wood (maple and rosewood), carefully cut and assembled to perfection. Each window is separated from the next by a single rectangle of rosewood. The windows are bracketed on the top and bottom with some beautiful ring work. There are two thick rings on either side of rosewood, separated by a complex thin ring. The center ring contains sixteen pieces of wood. Eight long maple dashes alternate with eight small rosewood squares.

The butt plate is ivory in color. The stainless steel joint, with 5/16 x 14 joint pin, is bracketed by Sierra's signature dashed rings. These three-layer rings are black on the outside (one thin, one thick), sandwiching a thin ring layer consisting of sixteen maple dashes alternating with sixteen ebony squares. The maple shaft is crowned with a 13mm fibre linen ferrule with a Le Pro tip. Joint protectors are included.

Retail Price - $425

Sierra Apache Pool Cue $342.00 


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