Tempest CC Series Pool Cue Model CC-7
Tempest CC Series Pool Cue Model CC-7

The Tempest CC-7 pool cue has a forearm and butt sleeve of Russian ebony. The forearm is inlaid with six floating points of synthetic ivory, separated by ovals of birdseye maple. The points are in the shape of spear heads. A matching pattern is reproduced in the butt sleeve. Six pronged diamond windows are separated by six sets of two birdseye maple ovals. There are five sets of alternating black and white rings on the cue: two sets on either side of the joint, two on either side of the butt sleeve, and one where the handle meets the forearm. The butt cap is ivory in color. The wraps are double-pressed and polished Irish linen. They are black with white specks. The joint is polished stainless steel. The joint pin is a 5/16 x 14 size. The shaft is a specially-selected grade of hard rock Canadian maple. A fiber linen ferrule, 13mm in diameter, tops the shaft, and is fitted with a Le Pro tip. The shaft has a pro taper. This cue comes with joint protectors and a black sleeve.

weights: 18oz 19oz 20oz 21oz

Retail Price - $400

Tempest CC-7 Pool Cue $320.00 


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