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Giuseppe Cue Cases
Giuseppe Pool Cue Cases - Made in the USA

2x4 White / Green Ortona Cue Case - Available in all sizes in the custom order form

This 2x4 White / Green Ortona case is proudly made in the USA and features furniture grade vinyl fabrics, with two pockets, a handle and a shoulder strap. 

The interiors feature lined PVC tubes for the ultimate in protection for your pool cue investment.  Butts and shaft can go into the tubes in either direction.

The case holds up to 30.5" inch cues.  Cases can be made for extra length cues.

Each case feature springs in the bottom of the tubes to allow for ease of removing cue from case.

This case offers high-end features and quality without the high end price.  Giuseppe cases look and perform like they should cost much more!  Best of all, Giuseppe cases are proudly made in the USA! 

Retail Price - $145.00

Giuseppe White / Green Ortona Cue Case
 2x4 Case as Pictured - $145.50

Price List:

1 butt x 1 shaft - $72.50
1 butt x 2 shafts - $94.50
2 butts x 2 shafts - $121.50
2 butts x 3 shafts - $128.50
2 butts x 4 shafts - $145.50
3 butts x 3 shafts - $164.50
3 butts x 4 shafts - $164.50
3 butts x 6 shafts - $179.50

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Giuseppe White / Green Ortona Cue Case
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