Vincitore Cue Case 

Vincitore Cue Cases
Vincitore Pool Cue Cases

Vincitore LW24-LZ-4 Pool Cue Case
Vincitore hard pool cue case.  Made from grade A brown leather with lizard pattern, this case holds 2 butts and 4 shafts and comes with two pockets, a handle and a shoulder strap. Each butt and shaft is separated by separate tubes for the ultimate in protection.  Excellent style and protection at a low, low price!

This is the finest Vicitore case ever made.  The leather is very soft and excellent quality.  It looks and feels like a case selling for twice the price.  The strap is on the back and features special padding for exceptional comfort.  The tubes are lined and start a few inches below the top of the case, which makes it very easy to remove the cues.  This is a high end case at a price that is tough to beat!

Vincitore LW24-LZ-4 Pool Cue Case $265.00 


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