Carolina Custom Pool Cues

Carolina Custom Cues are made in North Carolina, USA!  Carolina Custom Cues feature traditional style, traditional spliced designs and old world workmanship!  These cues offer excellent playability and workmanship for far less than you'd expect!

About Carolina Custom Cues

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Carolina Cues, LLC was founded by a team of people passionate about billiards and making a difference in the sport.  Our team includes experienced craftsmen & pool players. Some of us have been in the industry for decades and others have a "fresh set-of-eyes" or years of experience in other businesses.  We are a small entrepreneurial team dedicated to serving our customers.

Vision of affordable excellence

Our vision is to produce and offer "custom-shop" performance at a "production-shop" price.  We are grateful for the opportunity to provide our customers with superior playing cues. Our belief is that there is a void in the market for mid-priced, high quality pool and carom cues, shafts and components made to traditional standards of excellence. We want to fill that void and make a difference!

We have seen more and more migration of cue production to low cost Asian producers.  Even some of the best known American producers are sourcing key components or whole cues from overseas - all in the name of reducing production costs.  There remains a vibrant cadre of high quality custom-shop cue-makers of course, but unfortunately their products sell for thousands of dollars and are simply out of reach for most players. We want to put quality within reach.

Truly Custom Cues!

We have noticed that the term "Custom Cues" is completely over used in the industry!  How can a cue mass produced overseas be considered "custom?"  Carolina Custom Cues are truly Custom!  Made with old world custom cue techniques, choose the wood, points, veneers, inlays, handle, joint, weight, shaft diameter and have the cue made specifically for you!  Now THAT is a custom cue!


Partnering for Excellence

We have been able to partner with world-class material suppliers, inlay designers and production process experts to create an extended family of expertise, committed to excellence.  Our configurable, personalized Carolina Custom Shop product line is available through this website or by contacting us The Billiard Warehouse at 888-809-7665; Ask for Greg. 

Partnering for Success

We believe our "performance to price" ratio is the highest in the industry – that is, more performance for less price.  This is key to achieving our goal to give all players the opportunity to experience the performance of "Traditions in American Quality & Design". We believe in partnering with expert designers, precision parts machinists, and marketers – all experienced in their fields allowing us to make custom-shop performance products offered at production-shop prices. We can leverage their knowledge and capabilities to make us even better.

We have reached out to partner with leading cue-designers and production experts to ensure high quality and to continually improve our products and processes.  Our inlay designs are created by master cue designers. 

Give Carolina Custom Cues a try!  We will exceed your expectations!


Carolina Cue Diagram

Carolina Custom Cues


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