Lambros Custom Pool Cue
Mike Lambros Cue

Lambros Custom Pool Cues

Mike Lambros Custom Pool Cue.

The forearm is highly figured curly maple with 8 points in a high low configuration.  The high points are highly figured Bubinga with maple and black veneers with 2-1/2" double spear ivory inlays.  The four low points are ebony with twin spear with small ivory diamond inlays.

Butt Sleeve:
The butt sleeve is highly figured Bubinga with four 2-1/2" double spear ivory inlays with four sets of twin spear and small diamond ivory inlays.

The handle is genuine brown lizard.

Ring work:
Five sets of double natural phenolic surrounded by brass set in black phenolic.

Original Ultra Joint with 3/8 x 10 Pin

Two Lambros shafts with 13mm Lambros Taper with Laminated tips.

This Lambros Custom Cue comes with free joint protectors and free shipping in the US.

19.0 oz  - $3,900.00







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