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Lambros Custom Pool Cues
Mike Lambros Custom Pool Cue

The forearm is highly figured birdseye maple with great character.  The 4 points are ebony with maple/black/maple/black veneers.  Each point has a 2.5" inch extra thin radial ivory diamond inlay.  The butt is ebony with matching ivory inlays.  The handle is black with white spec Irish linen.  The joint is white phenolic with the Lambros Ultimate Joint. This cue comes with (2) Lambros Low Deflection shafts with Triangle Medium Hard Tips.  Lambros Extension is included.

Specifications as pictured:

Forearm: Highly Figured Curly Maple
Points: Ebony with veneers and ivory inlays
Butt: Ebony with Ivory Inlays
Handle: Irish Linen
Rings:  Black/Silver/Black/White/Black/Silver/Black
Joint: Lambros Ultimate Joint w/ 3/8 x 10 Pin
Joint Collar: White Phenolic
Butt Cap: White Phelonic
Shafts: 2 Lambros Low Deflection Shafts
Shaft Diameter: 12.75
Weight: 19 oz
Tip: Triangle Medium Hard
Joint Protectors - Included

This cue comes with a Lambros Extension




Lambros Custom Extension
Mike Lambros Extension - Included with purchase of this cue.


Mike Lambros Custom Pool Cues