Lambros Custom Pool Cue
Mike Lambros Cue

Lambros Custom Pool Cues

Mike Lambros Pre-Owned Custom Pool Cue.   This Lambros cue was built in 2005.

The forearm is curly maple with five ebony points with maple/burgundy/blue/green/black veneers.  There is a large ivory inlay in each point. 

The butt is ebony with five ivory starburst and five large ivory inlays.

The wrap is black and blue spec Irish Linen. 

The joint is black phenolic with the 3/8x10 Lambros Ultra Joint 2.

There are five sets of silver/white/silver/white/silver rings set in black phenolic.

This cue features two Lambros shafts with a 13 mm Lambros tapers, free joint protectors and free shipping in the US.

Pre-owned Condition: Mint Condition.  No scratches or dings.  One shaft has never been chalked.  The second shaft has been chalked; however, there are no dings or dents. 

19.0 oz  - $2,400.00








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