Ray Schuler Custom Cue 

Ray Schuler Custom Cue
Schuler Custom Pool Cue - S0613-04 with TWO shafts

Ray Schuler Custom Billiard Cue. 

The handle is walnut.

The joint is the Schuler joint with a thin stainless steel sleeve over wood to wood with black phenolic rings. 

This cue comes with TWO Constant Taper shaft described below with a Triangle tip and free shipping in the US*.   This cue is signed Ray Schuler SLC.

List Price $525.00 - Our Price - $475.00

Schuler Joint

Standard Shaft: Constant

Ferrule:.28" long x 12mm Elforyn
Tip:12mm Triangle

CONSTANT STANDARD TAPER SHAFT. Designed for 3 cushion. Most popular shaft for carom billiards. 27.5" long x 12mm ferrule and tip diameter. Elforyn ferrule material. This shaft has a conical shape from joint to tip.


Standard Order Form
Schuler S0613-04 Billiard Cue $475.00
with 2 shafts



530 grams
(weight may vary depending on shaft choice - weight can be adjusted on request - call or email with questions)

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