Ray Schuler Custom Cue 

Ray Schuler Custom Cue
Schuler Custom Pool Cue - S0613-04

Ray Schuler Custom Billiard Cue. 

The handle is walnut.

The joint is the Schuler joint with a thin stainless steel sleeve over wood to wood with black phenolic rings. 

This cue comes with a Schuler Professional Taper shaft described below with a Triangle tip and free shipping in the US*.   This cue is signed Ray Schuler SLC.

List Price $385.00 - Our Price - $350.00

Schuler Joint

Standard Shaft: Professional Taper - Other shafts are available on the custom order form below:

Professional Taper (29 in. x 13 mm)
Our original "Pro" taper. Designed along the lines of the early "masters" such as Herman Rambow, Harvey Martin and George Balabushka.  Minor taper in the stroking area allows for comfort while still providing some "spine".
Hit classification: medium-firm.


Standard Order Form
Schuler S0613-04 Pool Cue $350.00




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