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Skip Weston Custom Pool Cue 

Skip Weston Custom Cue

Skip Weston pre-owned custom pool cue - Signed and dated by Skip Weston - 6/94

The forearm is nicely figured curly maple with eight points in a high low configuration.  The high points are cocobolo with hardwood veneers.  The points match up remarkably well!   The low points are ebony.

The butt is cocobolo with four ivory diamonds.  Each ivory diamond has four gold dot inlays.  There are three sets of cocobolo rings outlined in black and silver.

The joint is genuine Ivory with a 3/8x10 Pin.   There are two sets of ivory dash rings with gold dots surrounded by cocobolo and silver, set in black phenolic. 

The wrap is soft black leather. 

This custom pool cue comes with two 13 mm shafts with pro-tapers and genuine Ivory ferrules.

Weight: 19 oz

This is a pre-owned custom cue built in June of 1994.  It is among the first 20 cues built by Skip Weston.  The hit and playability of the cue is excellent!  I love the Ivory joint with Ivory ferrules!  The workmanship is spectacular!  The cue is perfectly straight with both shafts.  There are no nicks or dents in the cue or shafts.  The silver rings in the butt are slightly raised.  The finish is excellent.  The Ivory ring work at the joint and the spectacular point construction makes this a very special cue.





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