Cuetec 13-825 Pool Cue

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Cuetec 13-825 Pool Cue

Cuetec reinvented the pool cue from the ground up, eliminating common problems that plagued traditional cues such as warping and denting. Traditional Cuetec cue butts and shafts have solid wood core encased in composite fiberglass or graphite, protecting the cue from warping by locking out moisture and temperature changes. Classic models feature the S.S.T. Super Slim Taper shaft with power-bonded fiberglass over wood construction and 15 1/2" pro taper for a smooth, accurate stroke. All Cuetec cues feature a unique stainless steel pin and fiber nylon insert that helps seal the cue from moisture while providing a solid connection between the butt and shaft to maximize shot power. 

The 13-825 Cuetec cue features a natural gray-stained forearm & sleeve with black and cream points, Implex stainless steel joint, and a Spindle Veltex grip handle. Cuetec's exclusive Power Bonded fiberglass S.S.T. warp resistant shaft has a standard tip on a polycarbonate ferrule.

  • Tip: 13mm Le Pro
  • Ferrule: Polycarbonate
  • Shaft: 29" SST Super Slim 15.5" Pro Taper w/ Tru-Glide Finish
  • Joint:  Black 3/8 x 14
  • Forearm: Natural gray stained w/ black & cream points
  • Wrap: Veltex
  • Sleeve: Natural gray stained w/ black & cream points
  • Rings: Silver 
  • Warranty:Limited One Year Warranty through Cuetec

  • Retail Price - $99.00

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