Fury FUSV01 Pool Cue Pool Cue Fury Pool Cues

Fury FUSV01 Pool Cue


Pool Cue Specs:

Tip: 13mm Tiger Everest tip
Ferrule: 1/2" Ivorene ferrule
Shaft: 29" Fury S Shaft
Joint Collar: Stainless steel collar
Joint Pin: Fury Quick-Release
Wrap: Black Irish linen
: Black, red and white "Whats Big" overlay
Butt Sleeve: Black, red and white Grim Reaper overlay
Butt Plate: Stainless steel with Fury logo
Bumper: Black rubber plug
Warranty: Limited

Retail Price - $129.00

Fury FUSV01 Pool Cue
Sale Price $109.65



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