Mezz - Power Break 2 Pool Cue Mezz Pool Cue

Mezz Break Cue - ZZPB2


Pool Cue Specs:

Tip: 13mm sonic trance tip and paper fiber tip plate
Ferrule: 7/8" black sonic ferrule
Shaft: 29" Dual Force® break shaft
Joint Collar: Black composite with two thin silver ring
Joint Pin: Mezz United Joint
Wrap: None
: Laminated Rosewood impregnated with a phenolic resin
Butt Sleeve: Black high impact composite material with Power Break 2 and Mezz logo
Butt Plate: Black high impact material with gold Mezz logo and two thin silver rings
Warranty: Limited Manufacturer

Retail Price - $520.00

Mezz - Power Break 2 Pool Cue
Sale Price $520.00



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