Championship Pool Table Cloth
Championship Billiard Cloth


This 24 Ounce Weight worsted is the most durable tournament quality fabric in the industry. Tour Edition will outlast its leading competitor by a minimum of 30% under comparable playing conditions. Tour Edition's formula, construction, finishing process and extra weight make it practically puncture proof. Fewer dings and tears result in a smoother playing surface throughout the life of the fabric. Tour Edition is finished with Championship's exclusive active sheering and vacuum decating processes resulting in the smoothest playing surface possible.

Installers across the country have found that Tour Edition stretches a bit more than other worsted fabrics making it easier to install than our competitor's worsted fabrics.

Tour Edition is now available in 9 colors. Its cost is much less than the competitions' (before factoring in the money you save with fewer recoveries).

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3078 TITAN

Titan is the #1 selling billiard fabric in the industry. This 21-ounce weight fabric is available in over 32 colors.

Advantages of Titan over comparable fabrics offered by our competitors include: Minimal pilling (substantially less than that of our major competitors' comparable fabrics); Championship’s exclusive active sheering process provides the smoothest playing surface possible.

Four new earth tone colors (Khaki, Olive, Golden, and Taupe) and 4 new collegiate colors (Tennessee) Orange, Columbia (North Carolina) Blue, Euro (Kentucky) Blue, and (Michigan) Gold) have recently been added to Championship's ever expanding array of color choices for the consumer.

Competitively priced, Titan is the #1 fabric for either a home or commercial setting.

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Mercury Ultra is a 19-ounce weight, woolen fabric finished to look and play like a worsted. This unique cloth is designed for players who want the speed of worsted but don't want to pay the higher prices associated with worsted fabrics.

Mercury Ultra is available both with and without backing. Low price and remarkable durability are the highlights of this fabric.

For the last several years, and for years to come, all National Amateur Championship Tournaments in Las Vegas (APA, VNEA & BCA) have been and will be played on Mercury Ultra. It also holds the honor of being chosen as the official billiard cloth to more amateur tournaments than any other cloth in the world.

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This 19-ounce weight fabric is the # 1 selling fabric within the amusement industry. Our 66" wide bolts give the operator greater yield than our competitors' bolts.

Invitational is available in 3 colors (basic green, dark green and electric blue). In electric blue, this fabric is specially treated so that it glows under black light. Invitational is available both backed and unbacked.

Invitational with backing can also be purchased in 6-packs of precut bed and rail sets.

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