Jacoby Jump Cue 

Jacoby Custom Pool Cues
Jacoby  Jumper Jump Cue

Black stained curly maple handle w/finger groove at the joint for a 'darting' technique and a bell at the end for a 'stroking' technique.

The shaft has a stiff taper with a 13mm G10 tip and a 3/4" brass ferrule.

The total length of the cue assembled is 41", consisting of a 29" shaft and 12" butt.

The length of the butt including pin and bumper is 13.5" (for storage purposes).

The Jumper Has a Radial Pin as well as a Weight System to enhance the shot.

List Price - $185.00


Jacoby Jumper Jump Cue
Black Stain Stain - $166.50 

Jacoby Custom Pool Cues

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