Balabushka Pool Cues
Balabushka Signature Series Pool Cues
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George Balabushka GB-1 Pool Cue

Balabushka GB-1 Pool Cue




George Balabushka GB-2 Pool Cue

Balabushka GB-2 Pool Cue




George Balabushka GB-3 Pool Cue

Balabushka GB-3 Pool Cue




George Balabushka GB-5 Pool Cue

Balabushka GB-5 Pool Cue




George Balabushka GB-6 Pool Cue

Balabushka GB-6 Pool Cue




George Balabushka GB-8 Pool Cue

Balabushka GB-8 Pool Cue




George Balabushka GB-9 Pool Cue

Balabushka GB-9 Pool Cue




George Balabushka GB-21 Pool Cue

Balabushka GB-21 Pool Cue New Model!




George Balabushka GB-22 Pool Cue

Balabushka GB-22 Pool Cue New Model!




George Balabushka GB-23 Pool Cue

Balabushka GB-23 Pool Cue New Model!




Balabushka Cue Shaft

Balabushka Cue Shaft 13 mm





Balabushka High Performance Chalk




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Replacement Shafts for Balabushka Cues
Predator Pool Cues and Predator 314 Shafts
Balabushka, Predator 314-2, Predator Z-2 Shaft & OB-1 Shaft
Shaft Options for Balabushka Cues
Our Price Starting at $117.00

Info on Shafts: Predator 314-2 / Predator Z-2 / OB-1 / Intimidator



Balabushka Pool Cues
Each cue has George
Balabushka's signature.

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