Morakami Cue Tips

Morakami Laminated Tips
$16.95 each

Morakami™Cue Tips are the highest quality imported Japanese cue tip on the market. They are a full 9 layers of high quality pig skin which play incredibly true and are 14mm. They are available in Soft, Medium and Quick (hard). They are stable and fresh due to their protective pill type encasement. You can bank on consistent playability and quality that Morakami™ Cue Tips are known for the world over.

Morakami™ Cue Tips provide you with:

* Confident grip & cue ball control

* Sealed to protect the quality

* Maintain their shape

* 9 layers of Japanese pig skin

* 14mm in diameter

* Easily install and shape beautifully

* The best brown layered tip available at any price

$16.95 each

Morakami Medium Layered Tips


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