Sharp Shooter Billiard Glove

Billiard Glove

Play like a professional with the Sharpshooter Billiard Glove. This glove is a professional-level pool player's glove which helps the cue slide smoothly and accurately over your bridge hand. You can tell a difference in the friction between the Sharpshooter¨ Billiard Glove and your average glove. By reducing friction, your stroke will become more accurate and consistent which will help you to raise the level of your game. The glove covers the thumb, index and middle finger, but allows the tips of the fingers to be free so you are able to get a better grip on the pool table felt The Sharpshooter¨ Billiard Glove also features a gripping pad in the palm made of leather which allows you better stability with your bridge hand. The glove also features an adjust Velcro strap that covers your wrist. The Sharpshooter is made for right-handed players only and is available only in black.


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