Mike Sigel's How to Make Trick Shots
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Mike Sigel Trick Shots   
10 time world champion Mike Sigel, voted the world's greatest living pool player, teaches you the secrets of making trick shots in this one-of-a-kind instructional DVD! Amaze your friends and astound your opponents with these easy-to-learn shots!
2005 IPT World 8-Ball Championship Sigel covers all the fundamentals, tips and techniques that you'll need to become a master trick shot artist. The tricks you'll learn from this DVD are guaranteed to amaze and impress - and to improve your game. The DVD features Sigel's favorite trick shots, original creations & secrets - many of which have never been revealed before!


Have more fun playing pool and learn from the legend who taught Tom Cruise in "The Color of Money"
Mike Sigel's "How to Make Trick Shots" is the ultimate instructional DVD - from the world's ultimate pool champion! It's a must for players of all levels who want to be great trick shots artists!

Retail Price - $29.99

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Sigel How to Make Trick Shots