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Pro-Am Billiard Cushions
This billiard cushion is currently available in a K-66 profile only. Plans to introduce this billiard cushion in a K-55 profile are in the works. Pro-Am is brown in appearance and comes with no canvas control strip on the top as the accuracy of this billiard cushion is built into its formula and is not required.

Though all of Championship's billiard cushions are 100% within BCA standards for accuracy, Pro-Am billiard cushions are more accurate than Mercury billiard cushions. Made out of a higher natural gum rubber content than Mercury billiard cushions, Pro-Am billiard cushions play slightly slower than Mercury.

Pro-Am billiard cushions are made out of 72% natural gum rubber and have a 48-52 durameter. Championship guarantees plus or minus no more than 4/1,000ths of an inch variance in the overall dimensional stability of each billiard cushion from one end to the other (a measurement we challenge all other billiard cushion manufacturers to match).

Rolling a cue ball down a 6-degree incline at a 40-inch distance from the bumper, this billiard cushion rebounds consistently at 22.3 inches.

These billiard cushions can already be found on billiard tables made by leading table manufacturers such as: Valley; Vitalie; A.E. Schmidt Co.; World of Leisure; Great American; Canada Bowling & Billiards; Presidential Billiards; Beach Manufacturing; and California House.

Feel free to contact one of Championship's representatives who will be happy to answer any questions you may have about Pro-Am billiard cushions.




Pro-Am Cushion Rubber