Simonis Billiard Cloth

Simonis 860HR Billiard Cloth

A High Resistance True Hybrid Worsted

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Simonis 860 HR - A true hybrid (Worsted)

Simonis HR (High Resistance)

Why doesn't anyone want to compare to this cloth? Because it's the most durable commercial-grade billiard cloth made.  Heavier than 760, napless, tough as nails, yet still providing the true Simonis roll.  Currently available in Simonis Green, Blue-Green, Tournament Blue and Royal Blue.

Simonis 860HR is a professional pool table cloth suitable for all pocket pool and snooker games. 860HR is manufactured from combed, worsted wool with a high thread count assuring a smooth, nap-free surface and a true and accurate ball roll. Simonis is the official pool table cloth of the WPBA, USBA National Championship and ESPN International Tournament of Champions. 71% Wool - 29% Nylon Professional Pool Table Cloth Specially made for high resistance to ball marks and enhanced durability. Designed for commercial applications but also suitable for home use. Speed rated faster then standard 860 but slower then 760. PreCut for the Rails and Bed

860 HR Cloth

7 Foot Table - $311.00
8 Foot Table - $387.00
8 Ft Oversized - $420.00
9 Foot Table - $444.00

Cloth is pre-cut for rails

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Simonis X-1 Cloth Cleaner
Simonis X1 Pool Table Cloth Cleaner
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Simonis Cloth provides superior accuracy and consistency.
The perfect choice for your pool hall or home table. 

Simonis cloth is very different from the fuzzy "felt" that is still used on some tables in the industry. Simonis cloth is woven and precisely sheared and you can readily see the weave of our cloth.

When installing Simonis cloth, be sure to put the SMOOTH SIDE UP. The smooth side also has printing on the edge with the grade, i.e. SIMONIS 860. This is the playing surface of the cloth. (The back of the cloth is not sheared as fine and is slightly fuzzy) 

  • Remember:  Simonis is NOT a "felt", it is carefully and precisely woven fabric specifically designed to enhance your game by allowing the balls to roll straight and true while still maintaining consistent speed and spin. 

Simonis... the truest playing cloth.

Simonis cloth can be the difference between enjoying your table and sheer frustration.


Installation Diagrams
Please note: The Simonis installation diagrams are provided for reference only.
Because untrained or unprofessional installers have difficulty installing Simonis cloth,
Simonis recommends installation by professionally trained table mechanics only.

  • Simonis Installation recommendations: CLICK HERE                      

  • Note for Glue-Down Installations
    Simonis cloth can be glued.
    We recommend 3M FastBond 10 for glue-down installations. 

  • Remember, SMOOTH SIDE UP.