Eight Ball Mafia Cue Case

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Eight Ball Mafia - EBMC22-G Pool Cue Case

Eight Ball Mafia cases are some sturdy, beautiful cases to be sure. This new 'Black Cherry' edition of the Eight Ball Mafia 2x2 case is no exception! Don't let the bright skull cherries fool you, this case is no softie.

Not only does this pool cue case keep two full pool cues safe and secure, but it also features a design that perfectly matches the popular Eight Ball Mafia Pink Cherry Glove!  As with everything from Eight Ball Mafia, this case includes a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

2 butt/ 2 shafts
Holds up to 29" shaft
33.5" total length
3.5"x6" accessory pocket
4"x14" large accessory pouch
Has side handle and small back strap

Retail Price - $119.00

Order Eight Ball Mafia Cue Case - EBMC22-G - Sale Price $107.10