Instroke Premier Cue Case

Instroke Premier 2x3 Black Pool Cue Case

This pool cue case holds two full cues and an extra shaft (two butts and three shafts). The Instroke Premier line of cue cases is a stylish, less-expensive alternative to the traditional leather Instroke pool cue cases. These cases are made from a vinyl which very closely resembles leather. In fact, most people are unaware that these aren’t genuine leather. The Premier cue cases have a more subtle appearance than the traditional Instroke styles. For instance, these cases do not have the double rows of rivets down the front, and the hardware is all silver. No sacrifice in quality has been made to lower the price on these cases. Since vinyl is less expensive than leather, and since less hardware is used, the price naturally is lower on these cases. The interior of the case is padded and lined, holding padded and lined rigid PVC tubes for each pool cue shaft and butt. The case lid features a handle on top, and locks closed with a thumb latch. On the front of the cue case are two pockets. The top compartment fastens with a silver thumb latch closure and measures approximately 4" x 6". On the bottom of the pool cue case is a larger pocket, measuring approximately 4" x 14". This has a zippered closure. On the side of the cue case is a carrying handle, as well as an adjustable shoulder strap. A matching ID tag comes with the case. Instroke pool cue cases are known to be the best cue cases available anywhere.
List Price - $219.00


Instroke Premier 2x3 Black Cue Case




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