J Flowers Cases
J. Flowers Pool Cue Cases
J. Flowers Cases are made by John Barton.  John Barton founded Instroke Cue Cases back in 1991.  John Barton built a small workshop to design and create pool cue cases using the very best materials to provide the highest level of protection.  Visit the bottom of this pages to learn more about the philosophy of JB Cases.


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JB Case Philosophy by John Barton:

My philosophy is protection first.  I started making cases for one simple reason, protection.  Not just any protection either.  Specifically, protection against damage resulting from your cues coming out of the case when you don't want them to. I had a $1400 Schon Cue that was broken because my open case was knocked off the table and the cue shot out of it and broke the butt cap as it clattered on the floor.  That case was a $400 tooled leather beauty.  Top of the line at the time.  But it didn't do the one thing I felt it should and that was to protect my cues until I removed them from it. 

What kind of protection am I talking about?  Well, as mentioned above, each case I make does not release the cues until you take them out.  Each case has high density foam rubber to pad against impact contusions.  Each case has layers of insulation to provide some protection against environmental changes.  Each case is lined with a non-abrasive and non-moisture absorbing material to protect the finish from scratches and to help keep the cue dry.  No cue parts will be allowed to touch each other at any point.  Your cue will be as protected as the design you choose allows for.  A case's function is first to protect it's contents and second to provide easy assess to it's contents.  Following that idea I build cases where the form follows the function.  Another way to look at it is a center-out approach.  Using the cues as the center, I put several layers of protection around them.