Outlaw Case - 2x2 Tire Tread                              Pool Cue

Outlaw Cases Pool Cues
Outlaw Case - 2x2 Tire Tread OLB22-B Pool Cue Case

2 butts / 2 shafts
6 1/2"x 3" top pocket, 13" x 3" bottom pocket
Top and side carrying Handles
Shoulder strap
Black and grey with tire tread designs on the case. Top handle, large pocket and small top pocket are black. To pocket has white Outlaw logo with Skull and crossbones in spade.
Long pocket has separate jump butt pouch
Oval shape
32" long
Fits up to 30" shaft tightly
Case bottom is rubber with Outlaw spade with skull and crossbones detail

Retail Price - $139.00

Order Outlaw Case - 2x2 Tire Tread OLB22-B- Sale Price $125.10