Outlaw Case - Nexus - 3x5                                         Pool Cue

Outlaw Cases Pool Cues
Outlaw Case - Nexus - 3x5 OLH35-FLAMES Pool Cue Case

3 butt and 5 shaft hard tube case
Available with either a flames, guns, horseshoe or wings designs embroidered into the smaller pocket
Material: Vinyl with etchings and black plastic feet.
Pockets:2, the longer pocket is 14 inches in length for a jump butt
Sewn in padded shoulder strap and an additional carrying handle

Interior Length- Fits up to 35" shaft
Interior Lining: Black cloth over tubes
Interior Structure: Poured rubber mold casing
Shafts insert tip down, butt can be inserted in any direction

Retail Price - $155.00

Order Outlaw Case - Nexus - 3x5 OLH35-FLAMES- Sale Price $139.50