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Jacoby Custom Pool Cues
Jacoby Custom Pool Cues C5 Ebony with Jacoby Edge Hybrid Shaft

Free Joint Protectors and Free UPS Ground Shipping.

Jacoby custom pool cue with a nicely figured birdseye maple forearm with five Ebony points.  The butt is Ebony.  The wrap is black with white spec irish linen.  The joint is white phenolic with a piloted the radial pin.   The butt cap is white with the Jacoby logo. This custom cue comes with one 12.75 mm Hybrid shaft and free shipping in the US.*  


Forearm: Birdseye Maple with five Ebony Points
Butt: Ebony
Wrap: Black with White Spec Irish Linen
Ring Work: Black Rings at Joint
Joint: White Phenolic with Radial Pin
Butt Cap: White Phenolic
Shaft: Jacoby Hybrid Edge Shaft - 12.75 mm pro taper - Everest Medium Layered Tip

See More Details on the Jacoby Hybrid Edge Shaft Below

Jacoby C5 Ebony Pool Cue $630.00 
w/ Jacoby Hybrid Edge Shaft - Free Joint Protectors


Jacoby custom pool cues




Sixty -four precisely machined individual veneers compose the shaft.  The veneers are stacked on edge 90 deg to the center line.


Because of  the construction of the shaft, the individual characteristics of the veneers average themselves out. Yielding a shaft that is more consistent than any other shaft in the way the shaft will react on each shot, along with the weight and playability of one shaft to another.

Balanced Construction

The spliced lamentation construction yields unprecedented symmetry and balance found in no other shaft.  Providing maximum stability and radial consistency in play.


The shaft composition along with the veneer orientation and balanced construction creates the most warp resistant wood shaft on the market.


A feather light ferrule and vibration dampening core greatly reduces unwanted weight in the front end.  This drastically reduces unwanted shaft deflection.

Jacoby Hybrid Edge

The typical unwanted shaft vibration present when extreme English is applied is virtually eliminated by the vibration-dampening core.  This results in unprecedented accuracy.


The Edge Hybrid is the ONLY High tech shaft that can be custom ordered in different joint styles, various diameters, and shaft lengths up to 31”.


Lifetime warranty against warping and defects


Taper: 12.75 mm Pro Taper
Tip: Tiger Everest - Medium Layered Tip



*shipping to other countries is extra