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BW- Jump Break Pool Cue with 2 shafts (Break Shaft & Jump Shaft)
3rd Generation - New and Improved
16 oz - 22 oz Available

BW Jump Break Pool Cue.  We are extremely excited about our new 3rd Generation BW Jump Break Cue!  The forearm is Redwood.  The handle and four points arebony stained maple.  There is a jump/break conversion quick release joint at base of the points that is ideal for jumping.  The joint is wood to wood with a quick release pin.   The 2nd Joint is at the base of the points to break down for jumping (or for use as a short cue).

This cue features two shafts!  

The break shaft features a short melamine phenolic ferrule with a 13.5 mm very hard - layered leather tip with extremely stiff taper.  This cue simply smashes the balls and is legal in all competition!  You simply will not believe the increase in power on your break shot! 

The jump shaft has a black phenolic ferrule with a 13.5 mm phenolic jump tip.   Jumping is effortless and accurate!  Pocketing the object ball on the jump shot becomes easier than you ever though possible. 

This is the first cue we have seen on the market that comes with two shafts specifically built for jumping and breaking, and the quick release joint makes it easy to switch from one shaft to the other.   This is simply the best performing Jump Break Cue we have found anywhere near the price.  This jump break cue performs far better than many jump break cues at three times the price!  Most jump break cues are simply standard cues with an extra joint installed.  The BW jump break cue is specifically built for maximum power and control on the break AND effortless, accurate jumps! 

The 3rd Generation has improved in several regards.  The Redwood forearm with ebony stained maple points is simply stunning!  The lacquer finish is thicker and has far superior gloss.   The shaft wood is grade A Canadian hard rock maple.  The break tip is very hard, layered leather and is legal in all competition.  The jump tip is brown phenolic (bakelite) on a black phenolic ferrule.  The jump shaft is also suitable for breaking where phenolic tips are legal.  The break shaft is suitable as a playing shaft for customers who prefer a very thick, stiff shaft with a very hard tip. 

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Break Shaft and Jump Shaft

Three Piece Joint Protectors
Quick Release for BW Jump Break Cue

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