Meucci Pool Cue 

Meucci 21-6 Pool Cue

The New Meucci 21st Century Cue #6 is a trophy to the innovation of Bob Meucci.

This new Meucci Cue forearm consists of cocobolo with a multiple material band around the middle made of white plastic with twenty-four green veneer 1/16th x 1/16th squares top and bottom, and set in a white background surrounded by four aluminum rings.

Three white points pass under the band, and three unique diamond shapes pass over the same band in between. The three white points are then set off with a beautiful scrimshaw design. In the center of the band, in between the unique triangles, there are three smaller green pearl diamonds surrounded by aluminum. All of this is set off with 24 green veneer inlays at the joint surrounded by ivory, black, and aluminum rings.

The wrap is a Eurothane Coated Cream Irish Linen.

List Price - $1115.00

Meucci 21-6 Pool Cue $947.75 


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