Meucci Casino 4 Pool Cue 

Meucci BMC Casino 4 Pool Cue

BMC Casino Cue, 250 units to be built with Power Piston Technology in the butt.

Tip: 12.75 mm Medium Le Pro Tip
Ferrule: Polycarbonate ferrule for a soft hit - now more durable than the original.
Shaft: One Black Dot Bullseye 35-layer laminated hard rock maple shaft (29" long). 14"-16" pro taper.  Threads have a brass insert.
Joint: Flat faced wood-to-wood
Forearm: The forearm begins with an ivory colored power piston sleeve inlayed with 4 authentic Bronze Paua Shell points fravmed in black.  In between these 4 points are four 5-inch long lnes of Bronze Paua Shell framed in black.  Each line ends in one of the 4 suites.  Each Paua Shell heart, spade, diamond, club has a black frame.
Wrap: Urethane coated Natural with Tan Spec Irish Linen Wrap (exposed wrap available at no cost)
Sleeve: The buttsleeve consists of a 4 card royal flush in hearts over a 48 piece genuine Bronze Paua Shell sleeve trimmed with black on either side.  Above and below this cardsleeve are 6 Bronze Paua Shell dice with white numbering bordereed on either side by 24 1/32 x 1/16 brass rectangles.  All is set in a black background.  The dice are surrounded by imitation ivory.  The 5 inch lines aon the forearm butt up against 24 1/32 x 1/16 brass rectangles all set in a white field.  The design is repeated again in the shaft collar.
Standard Finish: Five-proof urethan coating - Including the wrap.
Bumper: Basic Push in Rubber.

List Price - $1140.00

Meucci BMC Casino 4  Pool Cue $969.00 


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