Meucci Red Knight Pool Cue

Meucci Avina Red Knight Pool Cue

BMC Red Knight Pool Cue

Tip: 12.5 mm Ultraskin Black Tip
Ferrule: Polycarbonate ferrule for a soft hit - now more durable than the original.
Shaft: One Meucci Pro shaft (29" long). 14" pro taper.  Threads have a brass insert.
Joint: Flat faced wood-to-wood
Forearm: Gray Stained Birdseye Maple with Ebony Points with red pearl and white dot inlays.  Four Red Diamond inlays surrounded by black.
Wrap: Urethane coated White Irish Linen Wrap
Sleeve: Large red inlays surrounded by black.  White dots surrounded by black
Rings: Three sets of inlaid index rings and 8 silver rings.
Standard Finish: Five-proof urethane coating - Including the wrap.
Bumper: Basic Push in Rubber.

List Price - $900.00



Meucci  Pool Cues