OB-189 Pool Cue

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OB-189 Pool Cue

The OB-189 Pool Cue features a Bocote Forearm with 6 Black Dart Points, Ebony Handle, Bocote Sleeve with 6 Black Dart Points. This cue also features a solid core that is straighter, stronger, more stable and stiffer. This means that your cue will be built straight, stay straight and hit great.

This cue also has a unique balance system. Our cues are weighted to create an evenly balanced cue with feedback that is both crisp and lively. It really has to be felt to be appreciated. Custom feel in a production cue.

Joint: 3/8x10
Forearm: Bocote with 6 Black Dart Points
Handle: Ebony
Sleeve: Bocote with 6 Black Dart Points
Standard Tip: Everest
Standard Cue length: 58 inches
Weight Options: 18oz to 21oz in 1/2oz increments

Shaft Options:
OB-1+ - 12.75 mm w/ Pro Taper - Stacked Wood Ferrule (The Original - Standard) - Soft Hit

OB-2+ - 11.75 mm w/ European taper - Stacked Wood Ferrule - Soft Hit
OB+ Pro - 11.75 mm w/ European taper - Short White Ferrule - Crisp Hit
OBXL+ - 13.25 mm w/ Pro Taper - Stacked Wood Ferrule - Soft Hit

List Price - $900.00 w/ OB+ Shafts


Order OB-189 Pool Cue
Closout Sale $675.00 w/ OB+ Shaft 



Tip Option
OB Chalk? 2 Pc Box - $5.95
OB Weight Kit?

Joint Protectors?

OB Weight Kit - $25.46
OB cue weight kit is perfect for the player who wants the ability to adjust the weight of their cue.
The kit comes with 5 different stack-able weight bolts(.24oz, .4oz, .58oz, .96oz, and 1.3oz)
and the T-handle weight wrench. The weights can be mixed and matched to get just the
right weight you're looking for.


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