REVO Frequently Asked Questions

Revo Cue Shaft

How much more accurate is the REVO shaft?

The Predator REVO shaft is on average 5-10% more accurate than Predator’s third-generation shafts, depending on the velocity of the cue ball, distance to the object ball, and amount of spin used.


Does the REVO shaft play like a Predator spliced shaft

The Predator REVO shaft has even lower deflection than a Predator spliced shaft and even greater hit consistency, but it does feel somewhat different. From its ultra low-friction surface, to the sound it makes upon impact with the ball, playing with a Predator REVO shaft is a different experience.


Does the Predator REVO shaft come in any other colors?

No, it’s only available in carbon matte gray/black. Any attempt to change or modify the color would alter and damage the low-friction surface finish on the shaft.


Is it possible to warp a REVO shaft?

While it may be “possible”, we haven’t been able to achieve this feat. REVO shafts are guaranteed to never warp and feature a limited-lifetime warranty. In testing we placed REVO shafts in a freezer, various high-humidity environments, and even in an oven; each time the shafts held their remarkable straightness.

Can you ding a REVO shaft?

The Predator REVO shaft is highly ding-resistant and its surface is much stronger than wood. It can be scratched, and sharp edges can cut the finish, but no typical impacts in testing damaged the shafts surface.


Can I change the taper or diameter of a REVO shaft?

No, the taper and the diameter must remain the same. Any change would not only destroy the Predator REVO shaft’s low-friction finish, but would also compromise its performance, damaging the micro-thin layers of unidirectional carbon fiber tow and releasing potentially hazardous carbon fiber dust as well.


Why is the REVO shaft diameter 12.9mm?

The REVO shaft features a low-rise taper thanks to its construction. The result is a shaft that shows only a five percent increase in diameter over the first fourteen inches. This allows the REVO shaft to have a larger contact location, transferring more energy and spin while feeling like a thinner shaft in your hand.


Does the Predator REVO shaft have a ferrule?

No, the Predator REVO shaft does not have a ferrule. Because of the stiffness and strength of the carbon fiber composite construction, there is no need to add the additional weight and mass of a ferrule. Doing so would decrease the shaft’s superb accuracy.


Can you change the tip on a REVO shaft?

Yes, you can change the tip on a REVO shaft. We recommend only having the tip replaced at an authorized Predator Repair Center due to the shaft’s more complex construction. Extra care must be used in changing the tip, insuring that the shaft isn’t sanded and the Vault Plate and V-Tek tip silencer maintain their appropriate dimensions.


Why does the REVO shaft come with a soft tip?

Because of the increased stiffness and energy transfer of the REVO shaft, our testing indicated players preferred a somewhat softer tip on the shaft, and for that reason we elected to make the Predator Victory Soft Tip standard.


Can I break with a REVO shaft?

Yes, you can break with a REVO shaft, it’s strong enough, but it is not optimized for breaking. Its construction was developed as a playing shaft.


How do you maintain or clean the REVO shaft’s surface?

Never use abrasives or chemicals on the REVO shaft; doing so will damage the shafts surface and performance. To clean the REVO shaft’s surface simply brush off any exterior dirt with the supplied microfiber cleaning cloth, and then wipe the shaft with a REVO cleaning wipe or a soft cloth treated with isopropyl alcohol (90%).