Riley - Snooker RIL06 - RSC.1A                                    Pool Cue

Riley Cues Pool Cues
Riley - Snooker RIL06 - RSC.1A Pool Cue

Tip: 9.5mm Blue Diamond Tip
Ferrule: 1/4" Brass Ferule
Shaft: 28 1/2" XXS Shaft, grad A North American Ash
Joint: Brass Zip Z lock quick release joint
Pin: Snooker 5/16 18

Rings: None
Collar: Brass
Forearm: Premium Quality North American Ash Shaft
Wrap: None
Sleeve: 4 point Ebonised butt with cream veneer and pearlised diamond front splicing.
Plate: None
Bumper: Black Rubber, Compatible with Riley smart extension
Available in Medium (16.5-17.5 oz) or Heavy (17.5 to 18.5 oz) only