Schmelke Pool Cue
Made in the USA

Blueberry Break Cue by Schmelke

Schmelke Dedicated Break Pool Cue.  This Schmelke break cue is designed by The Billiard Warehouse and built by Schmelke. 

We call this Break Cue "The Blueberry."  This cue is so simply in design that it is striking to behold.  This cue is 100% blue stain over hard rock maple.  The joint is a 3/8 x 10 wood to wood with no joint collar to spoil "the look." 

The Shaft is matching blue stained hard rock maple with an extra stiff 13.5 mm taper with a Phenolic Tip.  Schmelke uses a unique UV coating on the shaft that makes it possible to stain the shaft to match the cue.

Since this cue is 100% Maple, the weight options are 16 oz - 19 oz.  (Break Jump Cues are 17 oz - 20 oz due to the extra joint pin)  The speed and power that can be developed with this break cue is devastating! 

This is the least expensive American Made Break Cue on the market.  This cue breaks new ground for best "Bang for the Buck."

This cue is available in three configurations: (Custom Order Form Only)

Playing Cue - 13 mm shaft w/ leather tip - $140.00
Break Cue - 13.5 mm shaft w/ Phenolic Tip - $140.00
Jump/Break Cue - 13.5 mm shaft w/ Phenolic Tip and a Quick Release Break/Jump Joint
17" from the bumper (designed for Jumping) - $180.00





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Schmelke Jump Break Cues