Schmelke BW B01 Jump Break Cue Schmelke Pool Cue
Made in the USA

Purple Heart Jump Break Cue by Schmelke Pool Cues

Schmelke Dedicated Purple Heart Jump Break Pool Cue.  This Schmelke break cue is designed by The Billiard Warehouse and built by Schmelke. 

BW-B01 Purple Heart.   This cue is so simply in design that it is striking to behold.  This cue is 100% Purple Heart.  The joint is a 3/8 x 10 wood to wood with thin black collar.   

The Shaft is matching Purple Heart with an extra stiff 14 mm taper with a Phenolic Tip.  Purple Heart is stiffer than maple and is ideal for breaking.

The speed and power that can be developed with this break cue is devastating! 

Tip & Ferrule: Phenolic Ferrule Tip Combination
Joint: 3/8x10 at center of cue
Jump Break Conversion Joint: Schmelke Quick Release
Forearm/Butt Sleeve: Purple Heart
Shaft: Purple Heart
Shaft Taper: 13.5 Break Taper
Bumper: Black Rubber


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Schmelke Purple Heart Jump Break Cue BW-B01 As Pictured $189.00 
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