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Schmelke SKS Keilwood Cue Shaft


Schmelke SKS 12.4 mm Keilwood Cue Shaft

Schmelke SKS Kielwood shafts are made of Torrified Maple. Torrified wood is heated to very high temperature changing the cellular structure. Torrified woods is more stable and resistant to humidity and temperature changes.

Hydroscopic cellulose is sealed so wood resists warp and movement. Stiffness, strength, and integrity of the wood are maintained with no chemicals.

Vibrational testing indicates roasted maple has clearer tone than regular maple

The Schmelke SKS shaft is for players looking for a lower deflection shaft than a traditional maple shaft with a stiffer hit than maple but with more feel than a carbon fiber shaft.


Torrified Maple
Tip: 1UltraSkin Soft Layered Tip
Taper: 12.4 mm Pro Taper
Joint Diameter:.840"
Joint Collar: Black
Length: 29" (Standard)

Available in the following pins:  3/8x10, 5/16x18, 5/16x14 & Radial Pin

Reg Price: $275.00   Sale Price: $225.00

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Schmelke SKS Keilwood Cue Shaft - $225.00
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