Schmelke Hoppe Style Pool Cue
Schmelke Pool Cue

Schmelke Pool Cue
Schmelke Rosewood Hoppe Style Full Spice Pool Cue

60" Cue (30" Butt / 30" Shaft)

Schmelke full splice pool cue.  A full splice means that the points to the butt cap are a single piece of wood (the Rosewood continues under the wrap).  This Hoppe Style Pool cue is an exceptional value!


Forearm: Straight Grain Maple
Points: 4 Rosewood Points
Butt Sleeve: Rosewood
Handle: Irish Linen
Joint: Joint #2 - 5/16x18
Butt Cap:  Black with Hoppe Ring
Shaft: Hard Rock Maple
Ferrule: 1" Linen Melamine
Tip: Schmelke Soft Tip
Taper: 13mm Pro Taper

Schmelke cues are made in the USA and offer some of the best performance values on the market!


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